Sunday, November 18, 2007

Free Holiday Printables

So Thanksgiving is just around the corner and family is coming and you don't have cards, menus, you forgot who is bringing what, place setting cards, shopping need some help. You need some free and cool help. I have put together some sites that provide free printables--thanksgiving crafts, cards, lists, all sorts of stuff. So check them out and I hope they help during this holiday season.

  • Custom Cards--you can make and print out your own holiday cards...could be used for place setting cards.
  • Chart Jungle--this is one of my favorite sites. You can find all sorts of stuff here--calenders, charts, holiday lists, coloring pages to keep kids busy, etc.
  • Family Shopping Bag--this site has alittle bit of everything--cards, place settings, recipe cards, you name it.
  • Holiday Printables--this site is a fantastic resourse for free holiday sure you have some time to get lost in the crafting and holiday coolness!
  • Mom's Break--this place is great when you want some cool idea in a can even find a Thanksgiving banner here!
  • Creativity Portal--EVERYTHING!
  • Solutions--this site is great for meal checklists, present planners, inventory, and even helps you plan your holiday party.

Well, I hope these sites can help you to have a less stressful Thanksgiving day. Now I must go and stress about how to cook a turkey!

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susan said...

Fun stuff...I'll be checking it out!