Monday, September 10, 2007

Alittle info. on me

I thought I would introduce myself. I am Kerith. I am 31...I think. I have 4 kids and a great hubby. I decided to start a blog because I think it is too hard to find kid friendly stuff on the internet or there is SSSOOO much you don't even know where to start. I was looking and searching and up late nites just looking for new stuff for my kids or new sites for them to check out or kid friendly stuff for me. As you know...when you are a mother...your interests seem to meld into your kids and what they can do or see or get at or get into. So bear with me as I post the stuff I find that I think is great for kids and families in general. I will hopefully organize it in a way that you like. I thought it would be great if it was all in one spot...then I got a great idea...why don't I just do that and then other will eventually find me and this family friendly blog...well...thanks for listening and come back ya'all.


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