Friday, September 21, 2007

Kerith's Korners of Tumblelogging.

I didn't really know what it was either until last nite. I was putting off sleep while blog surfing and I stumbled across several sites that were officially called microblogging or tumblelog sites.

  3. Pownce--waiting list to get on.
  4. Tumblr--Larger than normal print--great for the grandparents!!! (my favorite but no button to put on my page. This one does have a link I loved it so much!
  5. Sideblog--more of a photo blogging site.
The idea of a microblogging site is that you just put in a sentence or two of what you are doing at the moment (perfect for the gotta-have-it-now McDonalds time we live in). Just like a social site or a blog, you can add friends you have already and have the whole of cyberspace to make new ones. Twitter had a button that I have already put on my blog if you want to follow me there. Jaiku and Tumblr doesn't seem to have one but I will keep my eyes open for it.

Tumblr was my favorite.
  • easy to read
  • nice, friendly look
  • ability to start private tumblelog for just you and invited grandparents that just want to keep in touch.
I thought these sites were facinating because as all bloggers know, short and sweet is king. It is a way to keep in contact with everyone you know. I don't know about you, but with 4 kids, keeping track of all of my "korners" on the internet, and family chores, I do not have alot of time of officially e-mail, post on my social sites like I should, write letters, or even call. And I have noticed that my in-real-life friends are having the same problems. I think this is a fantasic way to keep in touch, pure and simple. Now all I have to do is convince all of my friends.

P.S.--I did not add hyperlinks to the twitter and jaiku words. I liked these two sites and thought they could come in handy for parents or even some responsible kids. But I wanted parents to have a chance to check out the sites. No hyperlinks=no accidental clicks!

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Hi this is Frances from She Who Blogs - what a great post - I know Twitter but not the others so I will be checking them out.
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