Saturday, September 15, 2007

Can I borrow a book?

I found the most fantastic site. I know, I know, we bloggers have become addicted to the typed word and cyberspace but the written word is what inspires us to blog for fun or even for a living. You MUST try out this site:
IT IS AWESOME! When you first start you post 9 books and you get 3 book credits to get 3 books. The have audio books also (for the busy parent who wants to read but only has time if someone reads to them---hey, I've been there). People request the books you post. You ship them. You request books from other members and them ship them off to you. Everytime you ship a book and it is received, you get a book credit. And if you run out of credits and there is a must have book you found, don't worry. You can buy book points. Their cost is about the cost of shipping a book. I joined it about 2 weeks ago and have already gotten my initial 3 books and have shipped 3 books...Man, I can't wait for those sweet, sweet 3 book points. And my kids love the fact we are getting packages in the mail. And yes, I used my first 3 book points on kids books. Hey, I can wait for my audio books. And besides, I have a blogg to write. So check it out. You will not be sorry!!!!

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