Monday, October 29, 2007

Family Fun Friday (late but here)

This week we did Backyardigans Super Secret Super Spy. If your kids are a NickJr fan, you probably know about this. There was a hour long episode for this that my kids watched. It was a great episode that taught about teamwork and having fun. There is also a game online you can play. It is a 3-D game that my son just loves. There is a 3-D thing you have to download to play it but that is not a big deal. I printed out some of the stuff you can do with your kids to have your own Super Secret Super Spy (SSSS) Scavenger Hunt. There are spy sheets that come with a decoder wheel. You can even make your sheet at home if you want to and use this decoder wheel. I did all the SSSS stuff the night before. I hid the scavenger hunt cards and put the bags somewhere where they would find them easily in the morning. I put some "spy gear" and a spy snack in there...every spy needs something for their tummy.

Here is my kids in their SSSS gear...check out kincaid...i bet you didn't even recognize him!

all i could keep on corrine was the bow tie...but she sure does look like a super spy.

kincaid found all the SSSS scavenger hunt cards. Here is the checklist...something every spy needs.

You can even buy the episode if you missed it. Your kids will love it and you can play and dance along with the Backyardigans!

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