Friday, October 12, 2007

They really are More Than Meets The Eye!!!

Have you had your Transformers Day?

I am kind of beginning to see a pattern for me on Fridays. I seem to have picked this as a sort of family fun day. So I guess I am going to call Fridays "Family Fun Fridays". And if you have not guessed it, this Friday is Transformers.

My son loves Transformers. He has for years (and he is only 5). So one day while he was just playing around on the computer he found a site with Transformer games on it (there are other fun stuff but today is just for the TFs--TransFormers). This site is a Hasbro playing site for all sorts of their toys. My son went nuts on it. You can play a racing with Bumblebee game. He, of course, was able to watch Transformer cartoon many in fact it must have kept him busy for weeks. You can even make your own TFs cartoon, of sorts. It is very cool...we all had fun with this but we forgot to save ours.

He is able to window shop for Transformers stuff. This is where he learned the most important and disappointing words known to kid-dom--OUT OF STOCK! This is Brawl...and you guessed it...OUT OF STOCK!

But one of his favorite parts of the site is the activities part. As you can see, he has been busy doing all sorts of stuff that we hang on the fridge.
--this is note pad paper you can make---

---here is his poster---

---and a doorknob hanger---

And to make the day complete, I bought matching plates and cups (yes...i am that much of a cheeseball). I also made a TFs lunch sack to take lunch to school that day.

If you want to, you can even click to the Transformer, The Movie site...some younger kids may find that scary but you decide.

My husband and I we totally into Transformers when we were little. You can even find the TFs we played with (if only I had taken care of them...i would be rich). I secretly still am. I think Transformers help our young men...and little ladies...with teamwork and sharing. And in that sense...they really are more than meets the eye!


lisa's chaos said...

It's just been recently I've discovered the transformers are still around. I thought they were long gone and never understood why. I thought they were cool. Although I guess I'm giving my age if I say that they were step-son's toys 20 years ago, and weren't around when I was little. :)

I look forward to buying them for my grandson.

nikki said...

My three year old calls his light up shoes his "Tranformer Shoes". He's such a booger.